Google Zeitgeist Minds

Beyond were tasked with the design of a new Google website promoting videos form their annual Thought Leader conference, Zeitgeist.

Working with Google UK, Beyond developed the concept of the video wall, featuring filtering control built into the wall itself.

I designed the concept of the video wall and working with Google's own designers, we shaped the finished product.

Check it out at


BBC Top Gear Website

In my final days at Milton Bayer, I was tasked with the daunting task of creating a redesign for which the BBC felt required a rebrand.

Working with BBC directly, I worked to their specifications and wireframes to create a template that would allow for more content to be delivered per page and in a more traditional news format.

I visited BBC White City and met with the Tope Gear Magazine team to discuss the development of the design.

As a huge fan of the TV series this was one of the highlights of my career so far and am still proud to have worked on it.
Check it out at


BBC Radio Times Facebook

Milton Bayer were asked by the BBC to develop a Christmas Brand to promote the new Radio Times Christmas Edition.


Infographic No.2: The Sun

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For my second infographic I focused on the power of the sun.

Finding some excelling online statistics, I experimented with Illustrator's 3D capabilities to create this design. This was also my first dabble with the Lane font - which has now becoem one of my firm favourites.


Infographic No.1: Doctor Who Jourenys Through time

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 This is my first attempt at a personal infographic project. Using a free data set published on a website, I translated the data in a visual illustration.

The data details every recorded time journey each of the Doctors have undertaken in television episodes - and my infographic plots each on a universal timeline. This then shows which of the Doctors has travelled the most.


Infographic: Amadeus Travel Gold Rush

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This was my first professional Infographic at Beyond. Amadeus requested an infographic to promote their "Travel Gold Rush" report for its global launch.

Taking a set of data from the report, I created several iterations, eventually narrowing down the design with the client to the version shown. Other versions can be seen below.

See it on their website:


Pitch Visual: Cisco Infographic

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This infpgraphic was proposed to Cisco to promote the celebration the journey of the IP Phone. They wanted a lively, visually interesting timeline to help illustrate the key moments in the IP Phone's history.

The project was dropped by Cisco and they decided not to go with an infographic.


Infographic: Amadeus Middle East

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This second infographic for Amadeus focuses on the Middle East.

Created to promote their report "securing the Prize for the Middle East" the data selected show the positive and negative influence of driving interest in the region and statistics on current data.

You can view it also via their website here

After the break, you can also see some alternate concepts for this project.


Pitch Visual: AMD Phenom II

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AMD approached a number of agencies to design advertising brand concepts for their Pheonom II processors, aimed primarily at the gaming pc owner.

This was a design and illustration I created for once of Beyond's chosen directions, centred around "taming the Beast".

AMD went in a different direction with the strategy they chose, but I'm still proud of how much we achieved in our presentation given only a few days as deadline.


Byte Night: Facebook Promotion

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This was a campaign that Beyond developed to promote the Byte Night Charity events on Facebook.

The concept was to create a simple badge that could be posted to your wall to encourage others to click through.

I designed the Facebook Page and also the "I've been winked" concept which follows their Wee-Willy Winky brand.

The campaign is now finished.

After the break you can also see how the badge looked on a Wall:


Illustration: Logotropolis

This was a project I decided to do whilst working at Milton Bayer. I was getting into Pixel Art and wondered if I could do it myself. I took the "I love MB" studio logo and started.
About two months of lunch hours later, I eventually finished. I was pleased with the results and the Directors were also pleased - so much so that they decided to get it printed into ceiling art and position it right above my desk, so it would glower down at me (the inset photo shows it it on situ).


Illustration: MB Multiplayer

Every year whilst at Milton Bayer, all the creatives would be asked to create calendar illustrations, which would then be printed up as a promotional gift. For this one, words were chosen as themes for each illustration - mine for this one was "Internet" - so I decided to recreate the MB studio as if it were an online multiplayer game.

Its created solely in Photoshop - no 3D packages were used. I did use 3D objects for the chairs and computers - but thats all.

This was yet another prject which seemed kile a great idea at the time, but took bloody ages.


Illustration: Chewbacca vs Chewits

Every year whilst at Milton Bayer, all the creatives would be asked to create calendar illustrations, which would then be printed up as a promotional gift.

For this one, the calendar theme was "vs" - this one was Chewbacca vs. Chewits - Both Chewie.

All Done in photoshop.


Illustration: Top 10 Movies

Every year whilst at Milton Bayer, all the creatives would be asked to create calendar illustrations, which would then be printed up as a promotional gift.

For this one, the calendar theme was "Top 10s". Iwas allocated Top 10 Movies (as voted by the staff at MB).

Being a tragic Star Wars fan, I recreated the original Star Wars poster but using elements from all the top 10 Movies.


Illustration: Marvin's Magic Packaging

Milton Bayer were invited to design some new packaging concepts for a proposed range of collectable magic tricks.

This was an illustration I created for one of my pitch ideas - A package where the box itself is a simple illusion. I actually made a prototype of the box and it worked well - I never took any photos of it though - but the illustration looks much neater.


Magazine Articles: Computer Arts

Whilst at Milton Bayer, I was invited to contribute to an article on mixed media design. I wrote a small article and they featured a current MB project for Hadrian's Wall Heritage.

The yellowy photo I submitted was from about five years earlier - it didnt help much.


Magazine Articles: Dot Net Mag

Every month .Net Magazine invite designers from various agencies to all pitch designs for an imaginary brief they suggest.

Whilst at Milton Bayer, I was asked to enter  - the brief was a website based around a City. My design was a tourism website for Northampton (where MB are) - not technically a city, but .Net Mag didn't mind.

They also did a mini-feature on me, where I blatently lied about the cool things I apparently like doing. If you realy want to you can read the article after the break: