Star Wars Episode IV Retold in Iconoscope

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NEW: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back also completed! Click Here to View it

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars might be viewed in hieroglyphics? Or what if the movie was remade by IKEA? Well, wonder no more - I've sorted it out for you.


Google: Dream Teachers

Beyond were asked to create a Youtube Channel design for the Google / Youtube / Channel 4 project "Dream Teachers". The site is a competition that accompanies the Channel 4 show "Jamie Oliver's Dream School". On this site, Teachers are invited to submit video answers to GCSE questions, to determine the best in the UK.

I was tasked with the design of the Youtube Channel for Google - you can see the finished channel here:


Infographic No.5: Random Curios

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This infographic was very much inspired by the excellent work by

Using retro styling, mixed typography and simple graphics I put together a series of random facts gathered from the internet.

I used a limited colour palette to add more to the retro litho-print feel.

Hope you like it.


Tee Time

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Here's some various tee shirt designs I've created recently - all just for fun and none are printed up into actual products.


Infographic No.4: Paper

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For my fourth infographic I deceided to try something more unusal.

The design was developed to form a cut-out buildable model to prepresent the data.

Cutting out, folding and glueing the model allows it to be constructed still attached to a single piece of paper.

This was a tough one to design and also to build for the photos after the break...


Infographic No 3: Top 50 Movies of All Time

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50 greatest movies of all time shown in an infographic. Using quotes from each of the film, the graphic shows the global box office takings for each and adjusts the size of the quote accordingly.

This was great fun to do and was featured on a few blogs.


Lost Posters No.3: Desires

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This third lost poster, found by our whip-cracking designer-archaeologist shows just how astounding variety theatre could be in bygone days.

Don't stare too hard at the toast -or you will be mesmerized into a mystical stupor.


Lost Posters No.2: Fight!

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Our designer (who believes himself to look like Indiana Jones but in actuality looks closer to Sallah) has rootled around in his spacious drawers to find this antique gem from the archives of Lost and Forgotten Posters.|

Enjoy this glimpse into yesteryear, and its charming taste for violent animal cruelty.


Lost Posters No.1: The League of Strange

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Creeping through cobweb-tangled passageways, fighting tribes of angry tribesmen, unearthing anicent mysteries... these were all doodled on the pad of our resident designer / archaeologist, who has undertaken a mission to unearth long-forgotten treasures of yesteryear and put them all up in our respective faces.

This first offering in a mystery - who where The League of Strange? Was it a bizarre stage act? Or maybe a performance dance troop? Perhaps this is the earliest example of a graphic novel cover is history?

Use your skill and judgement to decide...


Super Happy Joy: Biscuit

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 This is the first illustration in the Super Happy Joy range, experimenting with a Japanses Kawaii style.

Its an imaginary poster / comic book cover portraying a story where - for some unexplained reason - a giant biscuit is invading a city.

I've never illustrated a biscuit before, so this was a groundbreaking moment in my illustration career.