80s Movies - Ghostbusters

For my second illustration in my 80s Movies series, I went back to my childhood and a movie that sparked more excitement than any other of the time - Ghostbusters.

This was by far one of the coolest movies of the mid 80s, that drove kids wild. I remember going to see it and being blown away by the whole package - the special effects, the story, the acting, the humour - it was all just COOL.

So in this poster I took some extra effort to get the details right. Starting with the Gozer building, (in reality 55 Central Park West in New York) I found as many source images I could and did my best to get it right - its not 100% accurate by any means, but I think Ive got a good interpretation of the architecture.  For the movie, the special effects artists added on another half again to the top of the real building - the real one finishes where the 'church-like' feature about halfway up.

Finding reference for the Gozer pinnacle at the top was a problem - I couldn't find anything other than long distance matte paintings, but then luckily, I found a site detailing an old auction where the actual model was for sale.

The rest was drawing the Ghostbusters themselves, and the Ecto-1, which was great fun, and finally Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I really enjoyed thins one, despite the detailing - hope you like it too.


Beer & Board Games Awards 2012

Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan over at Blame Society Productions must have got tired of me sending over illustrations and this time asked me to do one for them.

They invited their fans to vote on their favourite moments from the 2012 season of Beer & Board Games.  After the votes were counted, they produced a video showing the winners and they asked me to create the title cards for the categories, which I was happy to do.

They wanted something along the lines of the Oscar, so I did the above, turning it into Dylan from the show, with a beer, a game piece hat, and a shaving foam beard (you have to see a certain episode to understand this moment.)

Here it is in use:


Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Here's another illustration featuring one of the excellent characters created by Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan over at Blame Society Productions.  

This time it features their star player: Chad Vader.

I had an idea for this simple composition, showing Chad complete with name tag, seemingly holding a lightsaber - but on second glance its clearly a mop. He doesn't actually ever use a mop on the online show, but its helps to visually link him to his role.

If you haven't watched any of the episodes - then I judge you. Get watching now.