About Me

Here's the situation...

I'm Wayne Dorrington, an Art Director, Illustrator and Designer working at Beyond in London.  I am six foot three, ginger-bearded and wear glasses with checked shirts* a lot.

I get to work on a lot of cool stuff at Beyond, working with Google, Virgin, American Express, Channel 4, GE, IBM, TomTom amongst others. As I specialise in Illustration, I get to draw things a lot.

But that's not what this blog is for.

This is mostly for my other stuff. The kind of geeky, nerdy projects I get up to in my spare time, which I spend a considerable amount of time on. My 'signature move' in that regard is to come with a complex idea which I have absolutely no idea how Im going to achieve. But that's makes it more fun.

So here's my blog, filled with stuff, ranging from animation, video, 3D modelling, Illustration, Print Design, Web Design, T-shirt illustration and probably some other stuff Im forgetting.

I've done a lot of stuff you see.

I should really get out more.

Kindest regards


This blog is printed on recycled pixels. Please drink this blog responsibly.

*The glasses do not have checked shirts