Infographic No.6: Harry Potter

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For my 6th infographic I've delved into the world of Harry Potter and pulled together some facts and statistics around the books and J.K. Rowling.
The style is based on the kind of on-screen prop "Daily Prophet" newspapers used in the movies - as I've looked into it, they all looked really different from movie to movie - so I've cherry-picked my favourite bits from each and designed it how I would have done it.

Hope you like it. And remember: its "levi-Oh-saa".


  1. It should say "revealed", not "reveaed"

  2. Whoah! Good catch Lex, thanks. Corrected.

    I'm not good with text - I'm better with icons and stuff.

  3. I’m calling BS on the claim that the Harry Potter books would cover Brazil: if there have been 400 million copies published and each book covers one square foot (an overstatement for most copies), that would only be 400 million/5280^2 = 14 square miles, much less than Brazil’s 3.29 million square miles. Am I missing something?

  4. nice looking infographic, but you are dead wrong about 'the books covering brazil'.
    brazil is 3,287,597 sq mi. assuming a single book is 9.5"x6.2", it has an area of 58.9 sq in. multiply that by the 400M books printed gives you 23,560,000,000 sq in. converting to sq mi gives you ≈5.87 sq mi. not even close! to actually cover brazil, it would take 224,075,109,766,371 books.

  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for complimenting the infographic and taking such an interest in the details. It's of course, not my data in the infographic, (I state the sources at the bottom of it) but as I read it, that particular statistic covers all the books in ALL the language versions. But as I say - not my source. Also, it's just a bit of fun and not a sworn document.

  6. @wayne
    i hope you didn't take offense; i was calling bullshit but you did rely on a source that most people would assume to be 'credible', specifically:

    anyway, as i said, i genuinely think the graphic looks great. but unless i am missing something major, the # of books required to cover brazil is staggering to say the least.

    also, if you look through that article, doesn't some of his other 'facts' just make your bullshit-o-meter go off? oh well, make some more infographics. :)

  7. Wow, some people sure do get caught up in insignificant details... I think its quite fabulous!

  8. typo in the "echanted limbs" blurb pointed out by my 10 year old. :)

  9. ... whoooah ... wait a minute! ...
    ... You mean these books I've started laying out side by side in Brazil ...
    ... are you saying I'm not going to have enough of them? ...

  10. We really are the Harry Potter generation! From here on, people will never know what it's like to wait for a HP book or movie to be released. I hope future generations love HP just as much as we do :).

    who is zoe sugg

  11. Fun graphic, I discovered it on Pinterest. A whole generation grew up with the Harry Potter stories.


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