Board Game Art - Ibyron

As part of my ongoing mission to do stuff that I've never done before (and therefore scare the beejesus out or myself) I advertised on to offer my services for creating board game artwork for startup game designers.

I've been doing it a few weeks now, and thought I'd start showing how its going..  This first one is a great civilisation / trading / development games called Ibyron.  Scott was the first designer to contact me, so its fitting that its the first post in the series.

We're doing well with the elements, and looking forward to perhaps one day seeing a finished printed mockup!


Scott is planning on releasing a limited run of the game via - a great site that allows you to sell print on demand games. We needed to resize the artwork a little to get it to suit their templates, so Im updating the images below to these new formats, plus some new additions, including the Box Cover!


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