Board game art: Pleasant Dreams final print unboxing photos

Nearly 2 years ago I was approached by board games designer Aerjen Tamminga, who was planning to create several games and wanted to know if I'd be interested in helping. I loved his ideas, and thus began a fantastic journey working with Aerjen, with a view to primarily creating his card game, Pleasant Dreams.

We created a lot of artwork, brainstorming ideas and refining a style - and just over a year later, we had completed all the artwork he needed to proceed with his business plan.

The next step was launching a Kickstart Campaign, which was hugely successful and provided him with more than enough money to put Pleasant Dreams into production. (Check out the page including the Updates tab, which has lots of background into the production, with some of my concept sketches)

Today was a great day, and the end of the journey - when my copies of the final printed version arrived in the post.  Here's some photos of the unboxing some of my favourite pieces of work - the quality of the printing is excellent - which I know Aerjen worked hard on with the printer to get right.

Many thanks again to my mate Aerjen - here's to all your future games and continued success!

You can check out Pleasant Dreams and buy your own copy at



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