Official Harry Potter Pottermore Infographic: Draco Malfoy

Potter more asked me to create a graphic to commemorate one of the most popular characters in the Harry Potter universe: Draco Malfoy. Growing up with Harry during their years at Hogwarts, Draco truly lives up to his family name by taking every opportunity to oppose Harry. But in the end? Well, you should know how he turns out!


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  2. Harry potter is my favorite character and love all the dialogues which he had spoken in all series of movies.
    People love interesting character which always attract in every movie.
    Win the expectation

  3. Draco has to be the most interesting character. I know alot of people would differ but i kinda had a thing for him. LOL and to know if there are any Draco fans rather than just Harry's i kinda suggested this as a topic for my brother's reaserch. when he took PhD Qualitative Analysis service UK students were taking as a trend in thsi apndemic, we found out tha 43% fans are towards DRACO Malfoy. Means i am not AlONE!! this graphic is so made for me. lol

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