My new Business Cards are in...

Beyond let me supply the graphics for the front of my business cards. What were they thinking of??


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  3. It looks great as far as I can see. The storm trooper going through his usual day at work is something a lot of people could relate to. I believe this will be an effective way to attract potential customers. My progress for my business card has been going great, and hopefully, I'll finalize everything over the weekend.

    -Ivette Haggerty @ Momentum Graphics

  4. Haha, I think those are pretty awesome! They are your cards after all, and hey, if the awesome geek in you wants to make its presence known, why not? Being a geek is being able to love something as much as you want without being ashamed of it or needing to justify it to anyone, after all, and expressing it through your calling cards is a pretty cool thing. Great job on the design, I love it!

    Daisy Peggs @

  5. OMG those are Super cute Business cards!!! I would deff. be displaying and keeping these cuties!!!

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