Star Wars Episode VI Retold in Iconoscope


At long last, after nearly a year of planning, illustration and design, the final part in the Iconoscope trilogy is complete, like the circle in that bit that Vader mentions when he meets Obi Wan in Episode IV to have a fight.

This was a biggie. The first Iconoscope was a single page of 32 line of icons - but then the story was actually quite simple, when you look at it. For Episode V, It took much longer to design and lay out, running double the length of the original - but there were many more costume changes, and plots that spanned multiple lines.

And then I started on Episode VI. Just thinking of it from memory, I recalled it to be a fairly straightforward story - there were the iconic scenes that everyone remembered, and some not so memorable ones too.

But then I watched it again, took some notes and started to list out everything that I would need to create the Iconoscope - and it went on... and on... and on...

Each character has multiple costume changes. The plot runs into 3 separate lines and constantly jumps between them. Vehicles, scenery, sub characters... It was a huge list.

But I started (not that long after I completed the last one) and began by illustrating all of the principle character icons, in all of the costume variations (including Leia in THAT bikini - which I did first as I'm not that stupid). Then, the secondary characters followed and so on.

It soon was clear that this was going to take a while... and here we are nearly a year on, and its finally finished.

I could have been ruthless with the editing down - cut it down to maybe two pages. But I put a lot of work into following the story as closely as I could, and in the end a lot actually happens in Episode VI.

So, apologies, but its run onto 5 PAGES!

So hope you like it - there'll be bits that are safe and familiar, some that hopefully will make you smile and others that might raise a few eyebrows. All I ask is, be merciful - remember that this is just a bit of fun and please don't argue about the tiniest of plot details that I may have missed / got wrong / not cared about.

Enjoy, one last time. As always, click each thumbnail to open the full sized version:



Sorry about Jabba, but its a technically correct icon to represent him.
Check out Episode IV and Episode V here.


  1. Excellent. Simply excellent. I'm glad that you've finally now rendered all the Star Wars movies in your simple yet funny method. (Unless you're a masochist and planning on doing the prequels)

  2. Thanks Brian! And thanks Charles - comments much appreciated. And no. Im not a masochist.

  3. Hahaha... Nice!! First time ive seen iconoscopes :)

  4. Thanks limeash and unknown commenter!

  5. awesome ... just awesome work!!

  6. love the Jam. Jam? hahaa.. and the darkside of the force icon.. very funny.

  7. I went back to see Episode IV and V after read this post. Nice work!

  8. Only if the proposal can take the form of amusing icons Caroline.

  9. Wayne, you are awesome. Love the angry icon - makes me think of Charlie Brown.

    ...and I totally second the poster request.

  10. Ha! Glad you picked up on the Charlie Brown 'grumble / angry' icon! Didn't think anyone else would spot it! Wish I could do posters, but just not viable with copyright infringement. I can't profit from these illustrations - they have to stay as Fan Art. Sorry

    1. { } Insert grumble icon here. Regardless, thanks for all your hard work and creativity!

  11. Amazing.....!!!!! Awesome.....!!!!!! (In Mexican Spanish means = "Esto es una total Chingonería!!!")
    Wayne: Thanks for your work. Please, I'll be waiting for the first 3 episodes.
    Greetings from Izcalli, México.

  12. Perfect!!!, i love it.

    Am i the only one who felt like at #84 as if Han Solo makes a Chewbacca sound?

  13. Amazing work Wayne, I love it!

    However, Star Wars retold in Iconoscope, Episode VI, Image 2 of 5 appears to be a broken link.

    Please fix this broken link so we can enjoy your work as you intended :o)

  14. Hi Many thanks for the heads up on the broken link. I originally used ImageShack when I did these - no idea why the one image issnt loading. But since then, they're account structure has changed, meaning I can re-upload it. I found someone who is already hosting a high res image, and for now I've just linked to that.

  15. I love infographics and Star Wars. Great job.

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