Hal Thompson: Expert

Blame Society Productions have created many great online shows, and one of my favourites is the excellent series with "Expert" Hal Thompson.

Surreal, hilarious and filled with Ham, the many shows that have starred Hal have been a joy to watch. My personal favourite is still the short-lived Fun Rangers, one if his first appearances together with his brother Cody.

On another quiet afternoon, I decided to create the above poster - a fantasy showing what a full-busget movie with Hal might be like. So, I put him in a post-apocalytic world, with a suitable strapline. Is Hal a victim of the apocalypse, or the cause? We don't know! 

Aaron Yonda at Blame Society, who looks a little like Hal, replied to me to thank me for sending it, and has also posted it onto the Hal Thompson Facebook page.