Beyond 4 Year Anniversary 3D-Printed Lego Set

This is a project I decided to do, partly to celebrate Beyond's 4 year anniversary, but mainly to practice at 3D model making.

My idea was to create a 3D object that represented how the company had grown over their 4 years - My first thought was to create a 3D ornamental sculpture - but I wasn't happy with the results and it proved problematic to print out. So, I decided to go with a custom Lego set.

The first step was to create the bricks - this was actually much harder than its sounds and it makes you realise how fine and consistent the tolerances are real Lego pieces! Building the model (in Google Sketchup) was relatively easy - the hard part was getting the sizes right to allow for the material when 'clicking' bricks together.

Next, the many many many attempts to print them out. Each time I'd have to adjust the model, or try a different approach to the print settings, with supports, without etc etc. Eventually, though, it all came together, and I printed them out in a few colours.

The interlocking worked well and the model could be printed at normal resolution without supports.

Wanting this to be as close to the feel of a real Lego set as I could, I then went about creating the box and instructions graphics, created in Adobe Illustrator.

With everything ready, I purchased some white lidded blank boxes, and had the slip-cover graphics printed at high res. And here is the finished results!


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