Star Wars Episode IV Retold in Iconoscope

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NEW: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back also completed! Click Here to View it

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars might be viewed in hieroglyphics? Or what if the movie was remade by IKEA? Well, wonder no more - I've sorted it out for you.

This Illustration shows how the story we all know and love can be distilled down into icons - no words are used (apart from the "SOS" icon).

I know I've missed a few scenes from this - but I had to cut it down somewhere or it would have gone on for another 20 steps. And I was getting tired.

I'm fragile: I work in the Creative Industry.



After posting this illustration to a few blogs it went hyper-viral. Our paid hosting account got hit by a whopping extra 70 gigs of bandwidth in around four days - which was great apart from we had to pay extra for it and it seemed to show no signs of slowing. So, that ended my old site and blog. But hey, every cloud.


  1. That is really cool man. Congratz.

  2. This is stupendous. Any chance of getting a poster?

  3. This is awesome its cool to see how you condensed the movie into icons.

    Also if you don't mind I'm working on animating your design(If you do I can stop).

    You can see my progress at the link below

  4. Ignore the last link. I uploaded to a different account by mistake.
    This link should work though.

  5. Dude! That's AWESOME!! Its looking excellent. Love the lightsaber transition wipe! Really looking forward to seeing the completed work. So cool to see my work come to life! Just noticed one tiny omission - in 7, there should be a little negative Falcon within the Death Star - to show that the Falcon is now within it. Email me if you need anything from me (my contact page has email address) Fantastic work! And thank you!

  6. Thanks to everyone who's posted with praise above. A lot of people are asking for posters, but due to copyright of the star wars likenesses, I cant really produce them, sorry. Wish I could, but I don't want to face the wrath of George Lucas.

  7. That's MARVELLOUS !
    Need a poster !

    Congratz from french geeks !

  8. Love this idea. hope you continue on all episodes and more characters.

    May the force be with you.

  9. UMMM can you say T-shirt..... I think you should

  10. This is awesome, but there is a big mistake in the very last panel. Chewbacca and the two droids never got medals!

    Poor Chewie was the only living creature to be denied a medal for his meritorious service. No wonder he was always growling!

  11. Absolutely bloody BRILLIANT!

    You need to finish the series and start to sell them as wall posters. My 10 year old son is already telling me I MUST MUST MUST get these for his room at once.

    Let me know if this is possible as I'm pretty sure you've got a million dollar idea here.

  12. Thanks Wirehedd (and everyone else for their great comments)

    Really wish I could provide posters, but I've looked into it and it would definitely be a copyright infringement of Lucasfilm character likenesses. There's been cases before with people doing similar things and getting into legal problems - so it has to remain just a bit of fun "fan art" Im afraid. Really sorry.

    Mehrdad - thanks for your comments also - this has been discussed at length on other blogs about me putting in chewie and the droids getting the medals. Some say that in the novelisation and comics (sanctioned by lucas) that it says that they get their medals after the ceremony. Others point out that the film is gospel. In actuality, I did it to save having to do the graphics explaining all of that to save time. Laziness always wins.

  13. Hey Wayne, Any chance I can get a mac friendly icon image of the X-Wing, Death Star, Falcon and/or Tie Advanced? I'd love to use these as my disk icons.

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